www.steamroomtips.com – Now Available

Netmunch are delighted to announce that steamroomtips.com is now being released from our domain portfolio for immediate purchase.

Product Description

steamroomtips.com is a premium, 13 character, keyword-targeted domain name, ideally suited for Health, Fitness and Post-Workout themed sites seeking to establish a long-term brand. Keyword-heavy, easily pronounceable and memorable, steamroomtips.com is a premium brand name with plenty of potential for those seeking to enter the Health, Fitness and Post-Workout niches.

steamroomtips.com Details

Extension: .com
Domain type: Keyword
Character length: 13 characters
Renewal date: 28/01/2019
Transfer status: Immediate push to Godaddy account – registrar transfer initiation 30/03/2018


steamroomtips.com is a highly keyword-targeted domain name for any health, fitness, exercise or post-workout platform platform.

Utilizing the popular ‘Steam Room’ and ‘Tips’ keywords, this domain name would be perfect for anybody aiming to become an authority in a more niche-related segment of the health and fitness market, while avoiding the competition inherent in larger niches within this field.

Short-term implementation plans may be to build a health and fitness site centered around the steam room and sauna niches, as these are not heavily populated online, and quick and effective Google rankings should be easily achievable – steamroomtips.com is tailor made for a niche, or ‘mini site’ type affiliate business.

Long-term implementation plans may involve expanding your domain name and site into a wider, all-encompassing post-gym workout site, as this market is vastly under-represented online, and I believe there is an opportunity for a company to quickly become the market leader in this segment of the health and fitness market.

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Sales process

steamroomtips.com may be purchased directly from the Netmunch site, or through any of the partners detailed above. At your request, the domain transfer can be handled either directly through Netmunch, or through Escrow if this gives you greater peace of mind in the sales process.