www.scarvy.com – Now Available

Netmunch are delighted to announce that scarvy.com is now being released from our domain portfolio for immediate purchase.

Product Description

scarvy.com is a premium, 6 character, highly brandable domain name, ideally suited to eCommerce clothing/accessories stores seeking to build a long-term brand. Short, easily pronounceable and memorable, scarvy.com is a majestic brand name in waiting for the right buyer.

Product Details

Extension: .com
Domain type: Brand
Character length: 6 characters
Monthly searches for exact term: 110
Renewal date: 04/09/2018
Transfer status: Immediate push to Godaddy account – registrar transfer initiation 30/04/2018


scarvy.com is a highly brandable domain name for any eCommerce clothing or fashion accessories store. With an obvious play on words for the terms ‘Scarf’, ‘Scarve’, or ‘Scarves’, there is huge potential to build any manner of fashion accessory stores on top of this domain.

Short-term implementation plans may be to build a basic storefront using Shopify, or even Amazon affiliate links, whereas long-term implementation could certainly involve a more niche-orientated accessory brand able to stand out in its niche as a result of this short, memorable, easily pronounceable domain name.

Find scarvy.com on:

Sales process

scarvy.com may be purchased directly from the Netmunch site, or through any of the partners detailed above. At your request, the domain transfer can be handled either directly through Netmunch, or through Escrow if this gives you greater peace of mind in the sales process.