Netmunch FAQ

What is Netmunch?

For more details on our business or website, please feel free to browse our About page, which will answer all of your questions. For details on the legal aspects of our business, please refer to our Terms and Conditions, our fully updated Privacy Policy and our Affiliate Disclosure.

Do Netmunch acquire new domain names?

Netmunch acquire domain names on a regular basis and we are always seeking to expand and strengthen our current portfolio. However, we are not currently considering unsolicited submissions of domain names you may have available to purchase. At this time, any unsolicited domain submissions will be deleted unread. We will notify all visitors, readers and interested parties of any changes to this policy via our website and social media channels.

Do Netmunch sell domain names?

Netmunch is always actively selling certain domain names in our portfolio. For a full list of the domains that we are currently releasing for sale, please feel free to browse our Domains page. If you would like to contact us with a query regarding our portfolio, or would like to make an offer on one of our available domain names, please use our contact form, using the subject line NETMUNCH DOMAIN QUERY.

How can I purchase a domain name from Netmunch?

If you would like to purchase a domain name from Netmunch, please go ahead and make us an offer via our Contact page, using NETMUNCH DOMAIN QUERY as the subject line. Once a price has been agreed, you will be asked to make payment via PayPal and the domain name will be transferred into your account within 12 hours of payment confirmation. During the initial negotiation stage, we will inform you of the current transfer status of your chosen domain, or you can view this directly on our Domains page. If you have a Godaddy account, the domain name will be pushed over to you regardless of the current transfer status. Depending upon the transfer status, transfers to other registrars may not be completed within the 12 hour timescale, but all information will be clearly communicated to you, prior to receiving payment.

I don’t feel comfortable paying you directly, can you use Escrow?

Netmunch is more than happy to use Escrow if you are more comfortable handling the transfer process on this platform. We appreciate that we are still a young company and have no problem instilling buyer confidence by channeling all domain transfers through Escrow – just let us know your preference during the negotiation stage of your purchase or enquiry.

Can I connect with Netmunch on social media?

We would be delighted to connect with you! You can currently find us on Twitter and Facebook. We are always seeking to learn, develop and strengthen our knowledge and capabilities in the domain investing and digital asset markets, and if you take the time to follow us, you can be sure we’ll take a moment to check you out and embrace the value you are helping to add to our industry.

If you have any further enquiries, please do not hesitate to contact us. We endeavor to reply to all queries within 48 hours and we may add your query to our FAQ page if we believe it will add value to our readers in the future.