About Netmunch

Hi There!

I’m Ross, the founder and CEO of Netmunch.

Netmunch is a trader of digital assets, focusing solely on domain name acquisitions and sales at this point. In the future, we will undoubtedly make the move into further markets, but as a young company, we feel it is important to focus exclusively on the domain name industry for the foreseeable future.

Our domain name strategy is quite simple.

We maintain a relatively small portfolio of domain names which we believe will offer incredible value to the right end-user at exactly the right time.  We don’t consider ourselves domain ‘investors’ in the traditional sense, as our current strategy does not involve holding domains for a prolonged period of time.

Because of this, I believe that our domain pricing structure is much more reasonable than those to be found on alternative platforms.

The Netmunch Blog

As well as trading domain names, we also take great pride in creating and maintaining the Netmunch blog, which you are currently lucky enough to be reading!

We don’t discuss the latest domaining news here, as hundreds of more established sites can simply do that better than us (browse through our Resources page to discover a handful of these better-equipped sites).

Instead, we prefer to concentrate on producing lasting, evergreen domain-related articles, with a large focus on providing quality and high-value. We don’t publish 300 word snippets and we aim for every article we broadcast to be considered a masterpiece in its own right.

We don’t always get there, but we do vehemently believe that unless we’re attempting to add greater value than you can find elsewhere, what’s the point in even trying?

I don’t expect everybody to like us, or even agree with us the majority of the time, and I’d encourage you to get involved with the site in the following ways to let us know where we’ve got it wrong, and what we can do to improve.

Personal development is a key tenet in my life, and I embrace this philosophy in every one of my professional dealings.

Get in touch by:

  • Commenting on every post you disagree with or on which you would like to initiate further discussion. Just keep it civil, I wholeheartedly reserve the right to delete any comments which violate a basic ethical and moral code.
  • Connect with us on social media. At the moment, this includes Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.
  • Head over to our Contact page and let us know exactly what’s on your mind. You can also inquire about our available domain names via this method.